Scarecrow Festival 2022

American Comic Strip DetectiveDick Tracy15
Evil Asylum worker flying over a bird’s abodeNurse Rached17
A Titled DuckSir Francis Drake1
Means Dark FatherDarth Vader44
007 HenchmanJaws12
DesperadoAlice Cooper18
A female chemical element busy roofingMargaret Thatcher31
Fluttered away from an islandPapillon40
Lioness’s Precious footwear won by the grasslandBeth Mead19
Mattel CharacterSkeletor23
A coated birdRobin Hood14
Curved metal in commandCaptain Hook49
Marvellous cuddly toySuper Ted45
A huge number of bales at harvestGiant Haystacks27
The Grinch, A Christmas Carol, to name just a fewJim Carrey38
Disguised Halloween CharacterMike Myers35
Demon ArachnidShelob46
A remarkable Town Chief Seen as the enemyMayor Humdinger32
A playing card in the Dark KnightJoker2
Poultry Farmer was fowlMrs Tweedy13
Nocturnal Male Mammal’s ApprenticeRobin5
May not share food, but shares in CanariesDelia Smith34
Masked EspañolZorro28
Chilly Canine known as a jewel Jimmy Crystal10
A Gaelic Ginger PrincessMerida33
Monty in WW2General Montgomery3
A small resident figure for MalfoyDobby51
Gang member turned highway manDick Turpin48
An extra large fatherBig Daddy26
Evil Hag’s Compass PointWicked Witch of the West8
Fluffy Soft Confectionary MaleMr Staypuft43
Not to be referred by his name, he is the Dark LordVoldemort37
Quiet Ovis Aries KillerHannibal Lecter29
Nicknamed an arid land of mammalsField Marshall Rommell4
Don’t wear pony tails around this headteacherMiss Trunchbull22
Puppies GaloreCruella De Vil9
This Ruby Lord chap was tops in WW1Red Baron42
He is incredible with an alter egoHulk50
Woman known for carrying a source of light, founder of modern nursingFlorence Nightingale36
Laps around the garden kept this man occupiedSir Tom Moore25
Small and smart bronze coinPennywise11
A Dr Henry Walton FranchiseIndiana Jones7
Anonymous yet famous for their workBanksy39
Thick Slippery substance created by this ghostSlimer20
Female FelineCat Woman21
Don’t look at them slithering creatures, you turn to stone!Medusa41
Noble Naval Sea CaptainLord Nelson47
A dapper performance for this BrummyThomas Shelby 6