Safety Regulations

Carnival Stewards may take action to ensure the following conditions are complied with. As the organiser you agree on behalf of all the entrants in your group and will ensure everyone in the group fulfils the conditions below.

ALCOHOL – not to be consumed during the procession.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS – any entrant with a known medical condition, heart complaint, etc is responsible for making themselves known to the Organisers and to the Senior First Aider; the latter is to be informed of any prescribed treatments/medications required.

FLOAT MARSHALS – Class 3 requires 4 float marshals – Class 4 requires 6 float marshals

WATER/FLUIDS/PROJECTILES – Do not fire any liquids or projectiles directly at a participant or spectator.

Float/Entry Construction/General Safety

RISK ASSESSMENT – It is advised that all float entries perform their own risk assessment

COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS – the use of combustible materials in Floats and Costumes is to be kept to a minimum; use the safest alternative material wherever reasonably practicable.

NAKED FLAMES / FIREWORKS /FLARES – no form of naked flame, fireworks or flares will be used

SOUNDS – Do not use equipment that can replicate gun fire or emergency vehicle imitation sirens

ENVIRONMENT – No polystyrene bubbles will be used (livestock use the field)

HEIGHT – Entries to be less than4.5m including balloons, banners etc, (this is due to electric cabling overhanging the procession route)

FLOAT SAFETY – The float (trailer and vehicle) meets Health and Safety standards and is road worthy (advisable to carry out a risk assessment prior to entering). The vehicle pulling the floats insurance company has been notified of its use in the procession.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Classes 3 &4 to carry a suitable fire extinguisher (min 5kg certified ABC)

ELECTRICS – All wiring to be checked as safe by a qualified electrician.

CHILDREN – Children under 13 will be seated or safely enclosed throughout the procession

SPEED – The speed of the procession is to be kept to 2mph unless advised by a Carnival Safety Steward wto close in gaps.

GENERATORS – Classes 2, 3 & 4 will only use Diesel generators. NO PETROL GENERATORS ALLOWED

FLOAT ACCESS – No unnecessary climbing on or off the float during the procession.

Once the procession has dispersed, please make sure float marshals remain alongside the float until its safe to stand down