Illuminated Procession

Illuminated Procession

Photographs by Johnathan Helps

Pewsey is host once a year to a fantastic illuminated procession. The carnival itself dates back to 1898 and with a few hiccups along the way (a few wars, foot and mouth and a squabble) Pewsey has shown what a village in Wiltshire can do with a lot of willing people and ‘carnival spirit’.

We are proud to be Wiltshire’s oldest carnival and love putting on a show for everyone to enjoy.

Watching the Carnival

Car Parks are provided at a cost per car. Please use official car parks (see the route map at the bottom of the page) as the money goes back into funding the Carnival.

The procession will head off from the carnival field (see map for location) around 7:30 pm when a rocket will signal the start. So please check the carnival route mapped out below to see where you would like to watch. If you are in a wheelchair or require a flat viewing platform watching outside the fire station area would be advisable. This is situated in the main high street where the King Alfred statue can be seen.

Please note that the procession will take time to get to the main high street, so if you have little ones that need to be in bed early it would be best to watch the procession as near to the start as possible. It can take a good hour and a half to make it round. This obviously depends on any issues causing gaps in the procession. We try to keep these to a minimum but unfortunately, these sometimes cannot be helped.

If you have seen the procession and need to make your way back please be mindful of others wishing to see and take note not to interfere with the procession by walking in the road where tractor drivers may not see you.

Barriers are in place where the roads can get narrow. They are there to stop people or little ones trying to get into the road. Coins sometimes end up in the road and it’s very tempting for little ones to want to pick them up. Please please keep an eye out and stop anyone trying to do this. It’s really not worth being injured for 2p.

How do I enter this fantastic event?

Nearer the time we will enable you to enter online. We have walking and motorised classes. Walking classes will be judged in the carnival field. Motorised classes will receive a judging number on the day and if your entry falls under certain categories (motorised, using a generator) we will insure your entry prior to the procession. You pay nothing. It’s free to enter and we can take care of any insurance costs on your behalf. All you have to do is come up with a theme, grab some friends and create a fantastic walking or motorised entry to entertain the crowds.

Entry Classes

Class 1 = Walking class including push along carts using battery-powered electrics.

Class 2 = Walking class with push along carts using a petrol/diesel generator

Class 3 = Motorised class floats/carts less than 9m (small floats)

Class 4 = Motorised class floats/carts over 9m (big floats)

Class 5 = Motorised float any size consisting of a newcomer group, youth group or youth organisation (Scouts, Brownies, Schools, Playgroups etc)

Walking classes will be judged at the Carnival Field before the event starts at 7:30 pm. 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes available.

Motorised classes will be judged on the route at randomised locations. The results will be announced at the closing ceremony the next evening (this is why we need your phone number when entering).

Float Safety Marshals

Entry’s into classes 3, 4 and 5 will need some lovely people to volunteer to be their float safety marshals. They will wear a very fetching tabard and walk alongside the entry. They are not allowed to collect money.  Small floats are required to have a minimum of 2 and the big floats need a minimum of 4. Their job is to make sure no one gets near the wheels or falls under the float. We have barriers alongside the majority of the route but there are some places where it gets a bit tight and people do try to get past the floats. Your driver can only see so much and the marshals will make sure that nothing nasty happens. On the night we will have an emergency number to call for any issues and dotted around the route will be qualified event marshals to call on for help.

Building Your Entry

The entry forms will show a list of requirements to follow. It’s all common sense and its there to protect both entrants and spectators. So it goes without saying that you don’t build your cart/float entry wider than a standard farm trailer or higher than the electric cables. Think about how your entry may affect the environment, don’t use polystyrene that can break apart easy as the carnival field is used for livestock and this can harm the animals.

Building a float can be daunting but as long as you get a good group together you can create something special. Our facebook carnival group can be useful for anyone needing paint or a few ideas. Click on the facebook icon in the header and don’t be afraid to ask a question. Or use our contact us form page to send a quick message.


Date And Time

17-09-2022 @ 19:30



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